For some months now I’ve been experiencing really slow downloads from YouTube on both cabled and wireless network thought my dlink DIR-655 router. I’ve been searching Google for many nights, been trying different setups and never found any real solution to my problem. Today I gave up trying to be smart and geekish, and decided to reset to factory defaults.  Yeah I know, lots of stuff to setup from scratch.. doh!

And wouldn’t you know… Youtube streams like it should again. :)

Other things I’ve tried that seemed to have helped others are «Enable Multicast Streams» (Advanced – Advanced network settings) and trying various UDP Endpoint Filtering and TCP Endpoint Filtering (Advanced – Firewall setting). None of  these helped me, but it seems to have solved the Youtube issue for others so I think it’s worth mentioning.

Firmware I use: 1.33NA  | Hardware Version: A3 |Product Page: DIR-655

This was posted in english so hopefully search engines will index it – and if that helps others with the same problem, I’m happy.  And I know there are many of you out there! Good luck.




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morten.knudsen · 07/01-2010 07:31


—–> reset to factory defaults (en instilling pÃ¥ router) <---- hjalp meg

Morten Knudsen · 05/26-2010 22:40 DIR-655 and youtube = slow @

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