Intel HD Graphics 3000Om GPU i T520’n min

The Intel HD Graphics 3000 (or Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD 3000, GMA HD 3000, Intel HD Graphics 200) is an integrated graphics card in the Sandy Bridge codenamed processors. The HD Graphics 3000 has no dedicated memory but shares the Level 3 / LLC Cache with the CPU cores and also part of the main memory. Due to TurboBoost, the GPU can be overclocked depending on the current CPU load and power consumption. The base speed and the turbo boost speed of the HD Graphics 3000 depend on the processor:

  • ULV processors Core ix-2xx7 (base 350MHz, Turbo 900-1000MHz)
  • LV processors Core ix-2xx5 (base 500MHz, Turbo 1000MHz)
  • Mainstream and high-end Dual und Quad-Core Core ix-2xx0 (base 650MHz, Turbo 1100-1200MHz)
  • Desktop K processors (base 850, Turbo 1100-1350MHz)

The HD 3000 offers 12 Execution Units (EUs) like the old Intel GMA HD but due to architectural changes each EU is now faster. The slower HD Graphics 2000 uses only 6 Execution Units.

Our performance tests with the high clocked mainstream version of the HD Graphics 3000 in quad-core processors showed a performance level on par with the current entry level generations from NVIDIA (e.g. GeForce 310M) and AMD (HD 5450). Some games even ran faster but still there are some driver glitches (like too dark scenes in Left 4 Dead 1&2 and Supreme Commander or not starting games like Mafia 2). See our extensive gaming review of the Intel HD Graphics 3000 for more details or at the end of this page for gaming benchmark scores.


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